Networks of Providers

Powering clinical research through networks

Our vast and growing network of partners already provides a broad and diverse network of patients and practice models upon which to build and support clinical research and can allow us to build powerful research networks at your institutions.

Networked systems

Representing patient diversity and input

Clinical studies suffer from a lack of input from patients, particularly with respect to their out-of-clinic views and practices around their health management.  They often suffer from a lack of diversity and practice models as well. We developed our platform with learning in mind.  The MyOwnMed platform allows you to leverage networks of patients, listen and learn from them, then iterate and refine health study and management models on our easily configurable platform.

study networks

Driving new practice models

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     simplification decreases time and cost of setup and execution of studies
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    diverse geographies, practice models, social determinants of disease and health provide insights into local institutions and markets critical for navigating reimbursement and delivering value
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    understanding representative markets is achieved through trusted network providers
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    distributing trusted networks brings studies to patients allowing for certain parts to occur in home.